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Red bean Butter Pie snack【Popularity No. 1】

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Red bean Butter Pie




 Red bean Butter Pie

Butter bean pasteproduced in Japan(Red bean from Hokkaido,suger,malt-syrup,butter)

flour,margarine,egg,salt/sorbitol,emulsifier,flavoring agent(Contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and soybeans in some parts)

Preservation method 

Room temperature (Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.)

Best-by date 

Within approximately 2 months after delivery.

Red bean Butter Pie is made with azuki beans from Hokkaido, Japan, a region that boasts a rich natural environment.Elegantly sweet azuki beans are wrapped in a moist, buttery pie filling and baked to perfection, making it a perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea. Hokkaido azuki beans are popular in Japan for their flavor, and are considered the best of all azuki beans for use in confectionery because of their soft skin and fruit.

 The size of each "Hokkaido Red bean Butter Pie" is a bite-sized piece that is easy for children to eat. The delicious taste and ease of eating may make it hard to stop eating, but don't worry if you eat too many because there are 20 pieces in the package! You can enjoy them with your family, friends, and children.Try these deliciously crispy and moist Japanese sweets, which have been ranked No. 1 in sales on numerous e-commerce sites in Japan!