TSURUYA KAHO, which operates "(匠)TAKUME SWEETS", has been producing and selling pies and buns since its establishment in 1994, and has been manufacturing OEM products, mainly tourist souvenir confections. The company has also taken on the challenge of creating high value-added products using local agricultural, marine, and specialty products as ingredients.
TAKUME SWEETS was started with the idea of bringing delicious Japanese sweets to people living overseas.

Reasons for launching the online store

I, the president of the company, have experience working overseas (see the bottom of my profile). At that time, I wanted to make Japanese sweets more familiar to people overseas and have them eat them on a daily basis. Today, many Japanese products are sold in supermarkets, but there are still many Japanese sweets that are not available in the market. Therefore, at "TAKUME SWEETS" I decided to sell Japanese pie snacks made at my company "TSURUYA KAHO CO.
Pie snacks with butter kneaded into the red bean are very popular in Japan and have been well received at Japan Festivals in New York. We hope you will try them.

山田 友和-Tomokazu Yamada-

Chief Executive Officer

I have been in the food industry for about 30 years.
Conducted product planning for sightseeing souvenir
confectioneries for all 47 prefectures in Japan.
I also work as a confectionery product planning consultant.
In the future, I would like to develop products
of foreign souvenir confectioneries in Japan
based on my experience working in Singapore.