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Hojicha Tea – Japanese Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea – Roasted Green Tea Uji-Kyoto – Low Caffeine Tea with a Sweet, Smoky Taste

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Characteristics of Hojicha

Hojicha is a type of green tea widely consumed in Japan. It is made by roasting green tea leaves at high temperatures, which turns the leaves brown and brings out a toasty aroma and flavor.

Nutrient-Rich Organic Hojicha

Organic Hojicha Powder Hojicha is rich in proteins, various vitamins, and minerals. The catechins in Hojicha help preserve vitamin C, making it more effective and easier to intake.

Perfect for Baking and Sweets

Our uniquely blended Hojicha powder retains its aroma and flavor even after heat treatment. It is ideal for baking, sweets, and confections such as cakes. It can also be used to make Hojicha lattes by mixing it with milk or soy milk.

Maintain Health with Catechins and Vitamin C

Typically, tea brewed in a teapot leaves a significant amount of catechins in the tea leaves, allowing you to consume only about 30%. However, with this powdered tea, you can consume 100% of the catechins. Additionally, the theanine in matcha offers relaxation benefits.

From the Nature-Rich Ujitawara Town

Our company is located in Ujitawara Town, the birthplace of Japanese green tea, situated at an elevation of about 250 meters in southern Kyoto Prefecture. This area is a primary production region for Uji tea, known for its rich natural environment. The significant temperature differences between morning and evening, frequent fog, and well-draining coal-rich soil create an ideal climate for tea cultivation. Utilizing these natural blessings, we are dedicated to organic farming without relying on pesticides, using only organic fertilizers to produce safe and healthy tea. Please enjoy the fragrant tea we meticulously cultivate.