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Japanese Organic Matcha High Grade Green Tea Powder 100g

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Safe Organic Tea Leaves for Peace of Mind

Organic Certified Powdered Tea Leaves

Powdered tea is consumed whole, making it essential to use safe, organic-certified tea leaves. Our powdered tea is made from organic-certified tea leaves grown in the misty mountain tea gardens of Ujitawara Town, Kyoto. We have been committed to pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free cultivation since around 1972. The tea leaves harvested from our carefully tended organic tea fields are safe and reliable for your enjoyment.

Differences Between Matcha and Powdered Green Tea

Ingredient Differences

"Matcha" is powdered "Tencha" (tea leaves grown in shaded conditions), while powdered green tea is made from powdered Sencha (commonly consumed green tea). "Tencha" is made by steaming and drying tea leaves harvested from shaded gardens, which are then ground into a fine powder to produce "Matcha". Powdered green tea is made by steaming, rolling, and pulverizing Sencha, which is grown under sunlight.

Component Differences

"Matcha" is rich in theumami component "theanine" due to the halting of photosynthesis. Powdered green tea is rich in "catechins" due to photosynthesis.


"Matcha" is slightly more expensive than powdered green tea due to the time and effort required in its production.

Harimaen Organic Matcha

High-Quality Organic Matcha

Our Matcha is carefully produced by slowly grinding "Tencha" grown in our tea fields in Kyoto Prefecture. This vibrant, frothy Matcha can be used for traditional tea ceremonies or easily mixed for drinking. It is also perfect for sweets such as cookies and cakes. Our Matcha is certified organic internationally and is well-received in the EU as a health food for beauty and wellness.

How to Prepare Matcha

What You Need

Tea bowl, bamboo whisk, tea scoop, cloth, and Matcha.

Preparation Steps

  1. Sift about 1 gram of Matcha into a tea bowl.
  2. Pour approximately 60cc of 70°C water into the bowl.
  3. Whisk the Matcha with a bamboo whisk until frothy.

Whisking Technique

Start by quickly whisking without touching the bottom of the bowl to create foam. Once foamy, use the whisk to smooth the surface, breaking down any large bubbles. Finally, gently move the whisk in a circular motion to draw the character on the foam, and lift the whisk gently from the center.

Harimaen Organic Powdered Green Tea

High-Quality Organic Powdered Green Tea

Our powdered green tea is made by pulverizing Sencha and shaded tea leaves carefully grown in our tea fields in Kyoto Prefecture. Drinking powdered green tea allows for 100% consumption of nutrients, including catechins, vitamins, and dietary fiber, making it beneficial for beauty and health. It is easy to prepare by simply mixing with hot or cold water, and it is environmentally friendly as it leaves no tea residue.

How to Prepare

For one cup (about 100cc), add half a teaspoon (0.5g to 0.8g) of powdered green tea and stir until there are no lumps.

Safe and Healthy Consumption of Whole Organic Tea Leaves

How Matcha is Made

Matcha is made by steaming and drying tea leaves grown in shaded gardens ("Tencha") and then grinding them into a fine powder.