Summer is here.

Summer is here.

Summer is the season for sweets.

Summer in Japan is filled with festivals, fireworks, food stalls, and many other fun events.
But we Japanese also love to spend summer inside our homes. Watermelons, for example. Since ancient times, Japanese people have routinely eaten watermelon with their families on the "ENGAWA(縁側)" in the summer.
Since the nuclear family has been on the rise, the "ENGAWA(縁側)" culture has become less common, but we still love watermelons in summer.

Did you know that such a watermelon has an ice cream? Its name is "Suikabar". This ice cream is very popular as an easy-to-eat watermelon snack.
It looks just like a watermelon, so please search for "Suikabar"!

Our Snack Boxes are also a great way to enjoy the look of the snacks we sell.
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