Japanese snacks are colorful☆

Japanese snacks are colorful☆

Pale colors are called "awai" in Japan

From a Japanese point of view, foreign sweets have a vivid and glamorous image. In contrast, Japanese sweets (especially Japanese sweets) may be characterized by light colors.
Even Japanese cuisine is generally light in appearance, with a secret ingredient of dashi (soup stock) such as bonito or kelp, rather than thick in seasoning and appearance. Even so, the taste is not necessarily light, but rather robust and deep.

Pictured above is a Ramune confectionery from Japan. Ramune is a confectionery created in Japan in 1881, and its name comes from an overseas lemonade. It resembles candy, but is not candy at all, and can be easily chewed with one's teeth.
They are often pale in appearance, yet their melt-in-your-mouth softness is characterized by a gentle sugar sweetness.

Japanese snacks are "awai". But very tasty.
We hope that people overseas can also experience this deliciousness.

It's also in the snack box.

About 30 different snacks, including ramune, are in our snack box.
This number at this price is surely the largest number in the Japanese confectionery industry.
Please buy them☆

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