Is spring the season for Japanese sweets?

Is spring the season for Japanese sweets?

In Japan, there is a custom of viewing cherry blossoms in April.

The history of cherry blossoms begins with Japan's oldest written record, the Kojiki (712). In this record, a goddess called "Konohana Kaiyahime" appears and is described as flying in a haze over Mt.

As mentioned above, since ancient times, people in Japan have held "hanami" (cherry blossom viewing) events in the spring.
Cherry blossoms are an important flower for Japanese people, and the period when they are in full bloom, which passes so quickly, is both fleeting and beautiful.

Japanese sweets celebrating spring.

Like cherry blossoms, wagashi was born in a uniquely Japanese culture.
We drink green tea and view cherry blossoms while eating such Japanese wagashi. It is very popular as a way of enjoying the cherry blossoms.
Of course, we have not forgotten about drinking while viewing cherry blossoms. LOL!

Japanese wagashi is bean paste!

When one thinks of Japanese sweets, "anko" always comes to mind.
Anko is made by boiling azuki beans with sugar to form a paste, and its moderate sweetness and soft texture are addictive.

TAKUME SWEETS also offers pie snacks made with red bean paste. This is our most popular item right now!
※The second most popular item is apple pie snacks.

Easy-to-eat, bite-size packages of 10 pieces.
They are also delicious slightly baked in the oven!
It is delicious enough as it is, but you can try it any way you like.

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