Introduction to Kanazawa

Introduction to Kanazawa

Kanazawa City, Japan's Ancient Capital

Hello. This is Takumi SWEETS.
Summer is nearing its end, and in our city, we are seeing more rainy and cool days.
Today, I would like to briefly introduce our city of Kanazawa.

Kanazawa City is one of the top cities in Japan in terms of consumption of sweet snacks. It is said that history may have something to do with it.
Kanazawa City has a strong samurai culture, and its streets are full of historical atmosphere. Therefore, the culture of Japanese sweets is also strongly rooted in the city, and many different kinds of sweets are still sold in the city today.
In Kanazawa, there is an area where many people dressed in kimono still walk around. This is Higashi-chaya-gai.
This area, which still retains the atmosphere of a castle town, is popular among tourists, and many people from overseas also visit.

As we enter the season of autumn with a good appetite, why not try sightseeing while enjoying delicious sweets in Kanazawa City?

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